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January 2018

Thanks for Dr. William Yip and Marco Ho, the lecturer of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education to give us idea about branding inspiration.

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November 2017

To share a great news with you ! We are proud to announce that VICACCI has granted the 2017 Star Brand Award- SME Enterprise Award of Hong Kong. Thank you, all customers' and friends' support . We will continue to create more superior quality giftware for our valuable customers .

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July 2017

Mr. Edwin Ng, lecturer of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, visited the factory to provide advice on factory operation to increase productivity.

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Win Seng received the award 「阿里巴巴香港尋夢基地」.  The successfulness of Win Seng in e-Business was once again recognized.

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May to July 2017

Win Seng passed the factory audits of Disney, NBCU and Wal-Mart again. Those companies have stringent audit requirements such as product quality, safety standards, world-class quality materials, etc. This indicates the products of Win Seng are well-proven by international quality standards.

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April 2016

Win Seng has successfully applied the Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales, i.e. the BUD Fund. Win Seng has good potential to expand its sales channel, strengthen its operation and increase its brand a awareness. Sales volume is boosted up as a result.


August 2016

Win Seng participated the Dalian + Hong Kong Brand Festival. In this event, Win Seng had exhibited the products of its self-owned brand VICACCI. With the support of Hong Kong Brand Development Council, VICACCI is regarded as one of the representable brands in Hong Kong.

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