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    Established in 1998, Win Seng Manufacturing Factory Ltd. is a large-scale Hong Kong enterprise specializing in resin figurines, craft gifts, ceramic tableware as well as fashionable jewelry accessories.

    Since the 1990s, our exquisite ceramic figurines,ceramic tableware, plastic craft gifts, and elegantjewelry items have been exported to more than 20countries and regions such as the US, U.K., Dubai,Germany, India and Japan, etc. We are constantlyimproving and striving for excellence, superior inquality, unique in style. We receive many apprecia-tions from our customers in the field from both local& overseas customers by our great efforts .

    Win Seng's 20-year goal is consistent, has giventop priority to providing high-quality customer-ori-ented products and ONE STOP SERVICES.

    As long as the customer has requirements andideas, our team can collaborate and innovate fromproduct design, manufacturing, production, andservice. Win Seng are dedicated to realizing cus-tomers' product concepts into a real product.

    Make it real. Make it happen.


    Successfully Passed for

    International Factory Audit

    Win Seng Manufacturing Factory Ltd. is a high-quality enterprise with scientifñc management system. We notonly have our own products, but also produce a large number of copyright design products for a long time.
    Our factories are successfully passed factory audit for most of the top brand licensed customers such asDisney, NBCU , SMETA 4, Walmart and so on.

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